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are astrologists considered to be psychics?

Clairvoyance is a domain that has several branches. We are talking about recurring disciplines that many visionary professionals dominate. To this there is the tarology, numerology and astrology. There are a multitude of disciplines in addition to these three cited. The psychic is one of them and the relationship between her and astrology is quite ambiguous.

Astrology: the analysis of the stars

Astrology is one of the recurring figures in clairvoyance. Clearly, astrology is the analysis of the stars in order to obtain divinatory answers. As a reminder, clairvoyance is not limited to giving free answers to questions asked. It requires a preliminary analysis before giving answers in terms of clairvoyance. It is in this process of analysis that the use of support sees its essence. One of the ancestral supports of clairvoyance is astrology, which is the analysis of celestial stars. From the positions of the stars, the lights come out different predictions. It requires a specific analysis time for responses to come out. Of course, each astrological sign sees its past, its present and its future influenced by its specific stars. It is from the apprehension of these specific bodies that the seer can give really clear answers to the customers.

From clairvoyance to the stars

Clairvoyance is also part of clairvoyance itself. Clairvoyance can be defined by insight through spiritual intuition. It is therefore this intuition that is a support in clairvoyance. Note that clairvoyance is a collection of art, knowledge, know-how, gift and science. It is therefore perfectly normal to have a discipline that uses only the gift in terms of clairvoyance.

Otherwise, the link between the stars and clairvoyance is undeniable. In the case of an astrologer, for example, he can both use the apprehension of the stars while being a powerful psychic reading. One does not prevent the other. Of course, this is not mandatory since a good astrologer is not obliged to have gifts of clairvoyance. If he dominates the discipline of the stars, this will be more than enough to offer answers.

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